Our purpose

We are a performance improvement business, specialising in developing and maximising the talent within business environments. Our purpose is to unlock the potential within individuals to maximise their performance – evolving people to evolve your business.

The Performance Ingredient

We provide the vital ingredient that is missing from the business where adequate performance is the norm. That vital ingredient is the link between organisational objectives and those of the employee. Our methods, Evolving Business Performance Interventions, are tailored specifically to client requirements, and address personal leadership, self awareness, emotional intelligence, and the development of commercial acumen in the employee. These unique interventions are action based – learning and long term behavioural change are developed from doing.

Our Pedigree

Evolve is a business with over 2 decades of commercial experience in corporate sales environments such as Pitney Bowes, Yell, Telewest, Energis and Cable & Wireless. We have ‘walked the walk’ in order to shape the ethos in the specific areas we focus upon. Coupled with this experience, we are fully accredited Coaches, Coach trainers, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioners and have numerous business management qualifications.

Evolve can transform your business performance by: -

  • Increased productivity
  • Increasing sales activity and revenue generation
  • Building a loyal and satisfied customer base
  • Developing happier, more creative employees
  • Improving staff retention & recruitment processes
  • Creating a supportive and trusting environment conducive to accelerated learning
  • Develop leadership skills in your senior and middle management teams
  • Improve internal communication

We achieve this through helping your people: -

  • Build self awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Identify and synergise personal and business objectives
  • Take responsibility and action
  • Improve confidence and self-esteem
  • Discover latent potential and creativity
  • Co-ordinate career and personal life
  • Embrace change practively
  • Remove unhealthy, unproductive stress
  • Eliminate self-limiting beliefs
  • Motivate and sustain momentum



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